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Sujatha Aththanayake

Sujatha Attanayake was born on 12th May 1942. in Kalaniya, Sri Lanka. Sujatha is the 3rd in a family of five. Sujatha's father was a police officer known as M.D.Perera, Mother was A Tower Hall actress known as Vimalakanta.

In 1947 sujatha attended Kalaniya Vedamulla collage. At school concerts Sujatha and her younger sister Ranjani Perera would sing and dance. 10th of October 1950 she sang the song " Mal se Dileva" at the sinhala radio station writen by Sisira Kumara Manikkaarachchi.

Early life

Sujatha Attanayake was born in 12th of May 1942 she was the 3rd in a family of five. Sujatha's younger sister is Ranjani perera. Dharmasiri Perera is her elder brother next is sujatha flori devi is a Tower Hall actress she is the elderst in the family and finally is sujatha's youngest brother Susil perera.

Tower Hall Noorthi Gee is an old Book with Noorthi gee by Sujatha Attanayakes mother Vimala Kantha.

Some of her popular tracks are listed below for the referral.

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Api Athata Piyamanna - click here

Eka Aththe Pipi - click here

Gee Sindu Gee Sindu - click here

Guwan Thotille - click here

Hada Vila Iwure - click here

Herde Rasa Maalige - click here

Hithanna Bari Hithe - click here

Jeewana Vila Mada - click here

Loke Tharanga Wadi Minisa - click here

Maa Unmada Chithra - click here

Mahada Mandire - click here

Malak Unoth Mala Pipenna - click here

Maaligawe Maa Rajinee - click here

Mama Deviduni - click here

Me Rae Madiyam Yame - click here

Meedum Walawan - click here

Nandage Thurulle - click here

Neth Wasa Sawanin Asa - click here

Ko Maname Kiya - click here

Oba Enna Maa Soya - click here

Obage Hada Maagemai - click here

Onchilla Thotili - click here

Paavi Giyaa Maa - click here

Pem Mal Kekula Wata - click here

Punchi Dawas Wala - click here

Puthune Me Ahaganna - click here

Rau Naguna - click here

Raawana Raju Maaruwa Dakala - click here

Saagara Rajinata - click here

Sandae Gan Iwure - click here

Seedewi Geta Awe - click here

Seegiriye Ran Rupa Naari - click here

Seethala Rate - click here

Sathapenna Kala Vinda Nidi Suwe - click here

Sonduru Pemaka - click here