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Milton Mallawarachchi

Milton Mallawarachchi (1945 – 1998) was a popular Sri Lankan musician.

Mallawarachchi has sung songs by Karunaratne Abeysekera, K. D. K. Dharmawardena, Premakirthi de Alwis, Clarence Wijewardena, Upali Danawalawithana, Dharmasiri Gamage, Ajantha Ransinghe, Shelton Weeraratne, Kularatne Ariyawansa, Ananda Padmasiri, Vernon Perera, Chitrananda Abeysekera, Bandara Wijetunga and Vijaya Ramanayake.

Early life and career

Mallawarachchi completed his early education at Ananda Sastralaya Kotte. He was a member of a short lived group called the Sakyans[2] and subsequently the La Ceylonians. Mallawarachchi's vocals on the latter group's "Daha Duke Vidyahala" and "Mal Ravamal" led to his discovery by producer Patrick Corea. Kurera offered to record the young vocalist on four songs "Oruwaka Pawena," "Ran Kuduwak Oba Sadu," "Sansare Sewanale" and "Mangale Neth Mangale." The songs were released on the Exvee label as a 78 rpm record in 1969 and gave Mallawarachchi his first popular hit with "Oruwaka Pawena."


Well known music Composer Patrick Denipitiya gave Milton Mallawarachichi's songs a modern touch with Songs Like "Ivuru Tala", "Ma ha Eda", "Ma nisa Oba" . "Sayura theredhi" on which helped him to become a huge success.
First Duet "Bindu Bindu" with R.Chitra.

In 1974 renown musician Clarence Wijewardena composed the songs "Gana Andure," "Eda Rae," "Mata Men Ohutada" and "Maga Thotadhii" for a Mallawarachchi EP release on Gemstone. Wijewardena would also write "Awasara Natha Mata," "Sulange Pawe," "Thaniwi Sitinai," and "Prem Raja Thahane" for Milton. Milton sing with Rukmani (1974) "Prem Raja Thahane" orther singer female sing "Pem Rajadahane" (Indrani Perera and Samitha Mudukonduwa)
One of Mallawarachchi's most successful songs was "Mai Gaha Yata" done under the production of Melroy Dharmaratne in 1976. It was released on the Silverline label as an EP backed with "Ran Mudu" and two songs ("Andanne Epa" and "Ma Samanalayak") by Shiromie Fernando.

Mallawarachchi released one of the first music audio cassette's in Sri Lanka under the guidance of Wijewardene in 1978. It was titled Anytime-Anywhere and was on the Tharanga label.

Mallawarachchi debuted as a playback singer in the 1971 film, Poojithayo. In 1984, he was honored with a best playback singer award at the Sarasawiya Awards for "Kendan Yannam," a song from Sena Samarasinghe's Aethin Aethat. He was the main male play back singer in the movie "Senakeliya" which was a box office hit in 1974 where he sang songs like "Reyak Upadda" and Duets with Indrani Perera "Samanala Renak Se" and also with Victor Ratnayake and CD Fonseka to the Music Direction of Music Director Patrick Denipitiya.

Mallawarchchi was a popular live attraction; at a time when there was no TV in Sri Lanka, his appearances at variety shows sponsored by the Ceylon Tobacco Company drew huge crowds.

Mallawarachchi appeared alongside the Super Golden Chimes at the Super Concert 101/102 organized by Wijewardene. The one Last Song Milton sing Aga Rejiniya (Album Senehasa Buduwak) The first Teledrama Hima Kadalla Milton Sing of the song "Sanda Sulange Pawee"
He died on March 10, 1998.

Personal life

Mallawarachchi was married to Swarna Mallawarchchi, and had four children: Ranil, Harshini, Nadija, and Tharaka. Ranil Mallawarachchi, the eldest, continues in his father's tradition. "Etha epita dura akase... swarnwarna tharuwak wilase" song written by Karunarathne Abeysekara for Milton dedicated to his wife Swarna.

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Ayasayakin - click here

Bambara Asin - click here or here

Dehandara Wilikun - click here

Deno Dahak Gawasena - click here

Dharaganna Bari - click here

Dharanna Bae Me Wedanaawan - click here or here

Dhasa Ridenawaa Para Bala Indala - click here or here or here

Dhawasak Thiyewi - click here or here

Dineka Ransalu Palanda - click here or here or here

Eda Rae Guwan Thotupaledi - click here *pw or here
Etha Epita - click here or here

Ewuru Thala - click here or here

Gamane Gim Niwu Eda - click here or here

Gana Andure - click here or here

Gewal Addara - click here

Hada Pathule - click here or here

Handannepa Dan Langin Sithinnam - click here or here

Kandu Isawwa Eha Kone - click here

Kandu Para Atha Aine - click here

Kandule Hasarella - click here

Kawruda Paawee Pawee - click here or here

Kese Kiyannada Oba Maa Atha Hara - click here or here or here

Kiyanu Epa Boru - click here or here

Leno Leno, Leni Samagin Tharageta Wage - click here or here

Lindak Langa Pem Rata - click here or here

Maa Dayabara Priyawiye - click here

Maa Diha Neth Hela - click here

Maa Haa Senehasa Pala - click here

Maa Neth Kadalle - click here or here or here

Maa Nisa Oba Nopiru Perum - click here

Madu Mala Lesa Mudu - click here

Maga Thotahinda - click here

Mage Punchi Kumari - click here *pw or here

Malak Wage - click here

Mana Wasanga Karana - click here

Me Tharam Wuu - click here

Mata Men Ohutada Kandula Obai - click here or here

Me Katha Maa Nokiwwa Hindaalu - click here or here

Me Mai Gaha Yata - click here *pw or here
Methuwak Kal Ma - click here

Nae Lande Maa Mulaawee Nathe - click here

Neela Dhasa Dhase Sangawala - click here

Nilla Nagana Swarna Kikini - click here

Oba Gawa Mama Innemi - click here

Obage Nuwan Dhale - click here

Obata Mathaka Nae - click here or here

Obe Nil Nuwan - click here

Obe Upan Dine - click here *pw

Oruwaka Pawena Rae - click here

Palu Mawathe Thaniwela - click here

Pani Kurullane - click here

Paradila Palay Giye Na - click here

Paya Aa Sanda - click here

Pem Raja Dhahane - click here or here

Piyapath Sala Mama Oba - click here or here

Preme Maya - click here

Punchi Katha Koido - click here

Punchi Malliye - click here

Radhanna Bahane - click here or here

Rae Charika - click here

Rae Thun Yame Gayena Me - click here

Ran Daha Bindu Me Polowen - click here or here

Ran Masu Naha Kiya Maa Dilindui Kiya - click here

Ranabara Inudunu - click here

Rane Igillena One - click here

Rath Nelum Mal Kakule - click here

Sadi Ran Abaranin - click here

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Sinahawa Atharin Kandulak - click here

Sundarathwayen - click here

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