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Namal Udugama

Namal udugama (born on 1977), is a Sri Lankan singer, composer and songwriter.

He is regarded by Sri Lankan music history as one of the most popular artists ever on Sri Lanka, and being the "Dream Boy" of Sri Lankan youth until reality shows came into the country.

He studied at Thalathuoya National School, Kandy. His father is a businessman, and mother is a housewife. He has one bother and one sister.

Early life

When in school, he used to play guitar and also make stage performances within the school for various functions held. But he didn't get much exposure to be a popular icon in the school. After school life he was joined to a musical band at Kandy.

Soon after, he went Colombo and started to make music albums. He sang his first song composed by his own "Samuganne na wen wanne na", the song gets its maximum popularity by making an exact path to Sri Lankan music industry. He married to Sri Lankan actress Ruwanthi Mangala and now he has one son and one daughter.

Some of his popular songs are listed below for referral.

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Mal Mal Mawathe - click here

Malak Wage Balannako - click here

Me Mal Para Dige Enna Samadara - click here

Nuwara Wewata - click here

Pem Sihine Ai Inne Ma Hara Giye Kumariye Obai - click here

Ra Sihine Oba Laga Ma Sanasenawa - click here

Samuganne Na Wenwanne Na - click here

Sandakata Thahanam Ahasin Basa Yanna - click here

Sara Sande Ridi Nile - click here

Sihina Genena Sanda Savi - click here

Sithul Pauwa - click here

Sudu Mala Sugandini Mudu Mal Ahuraka - click here

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