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Punsiri Soysa

Punsiri Soysa blessed with a unique voice and sings some very popular songs for Sri Lankans.

Priya Suriyasena, who worked with Punsiri Soysa can be considered as a ledgend in Sri Lankan music. Some of the veteran vocalists who had their music directed by Priya Suriyasena were M. S. Fernando, Anton Jones, Milton Mallawarachchi, Punsiri Soysa, Mervyn Perera, Gratien Ananda, late Mervyn Mihindukula, Chandralekha Perera, Freddie Silva and H R Jothipala.

At the beginning of 1990s Suriyasena was leaned towards cassette production business where he started “Luckshitha Trade Centre” and released cassettes that were highly grossed of MS Fernando, Punsiri Soysa, H.R Jothipala and Champa Kalhari.

Following are some famous songs by Punsiri Soysa for the referral.

Andura Nasannata - click here

Bindunu Kaleka Amathaka Kala - click here

Bindunu Pemaka - click here

Binduwak Iwasa Ahanna Hithawatha - click here or here

Degurun Wenuwen - click here or here

Egodak Megodak - click here or here

Ekama Magaka Piyawara Mana Yannai - click here or here

Ganga Diyawal - click here

Issara Wage Nemeine - click here

Kandulu Thilinayak Dhotha Daragena - click here

Liyuma Liyala - click here

Maage Pawkara Mithuro Nisa - click here

Ma Hada Nalawana - click here

Matama Pamanak Uruma Kanduleli - click here

Me Bus Nawathuma - click here

Nisalawa Thibu Sitha - click here

Pun Sanden Ras - click here

Subashini Oba Mage Namata - click here