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Bandara Athauda

Bandara Athauda is a well-known, popular singer in the field of light music in Sri Lanka. He also skilled in classical vocal and instrumental music. Bandara Athauda studied classical music at prestigeous institutes such as Bhathkhande Vidyapeet in India and his special area of interest is playing classical music with the violin.

Moreover, as a vocalist in the field of light music, his contribution is immense with the creations such as "Ruwan tharaka", "Sihinayaki oba", "Hiru hinahena ghana" etc.

Childhood and Early Education

Bandara Athauda was born on the 23rd of February, 1948 at Ankumbura in Kandy district. His father was a principal and mother was a teacher of government schools. After his birth, his parents had to assume duties at Senapathiya Government School located between Bibile and Medagama in the district of Monaragala. He had most of his primary education at the same school for this reason. His parents got a transfer, after 08 years, to Ankumbura Maha Vidyalaya in Kandy district and it became his second school where he completed his primary education. When he was about 12 years old, He was admitted to Nugawela Central College which was one of the leading central colleges in Sri Lanka. He had the first lessons of music at this college of reputation.  

Become an Musician

After the completion of secondary school education, he wanted to continue with higher education of music. Bandara Athauda gained admission to the Government College of Music and Pursued his studies for 5 years in the field of vocal and instrumental (Violin) music and finally obtained his first degree in Music. Throughout this period, during holidays, He made visits to Bhathkhande in pursuit of his "Visharada" (Skiller) qualification and completed it successfully.

Contribution to the World of Music

Since 1969, Bandara Athauda qualified as a Classical violinist of Grade A and a Classical vocal artist and presented a number of programmes over the SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcast Corporation). Later on presented a number of musical programmes on different T.V. channels including National T.V. In 1973, He qualified as a vocal artist (light music) of A Grade at the SLBC. By this time, Bandara Athauda also become a qualified "Noorthi" (a form of drama) singer.


In 1972, Bandara Athauda was appointed as a teacher of music and his first place of work was Wijayapala Maha Vidyalaya, Matale. Subsequently, he received his teacher training at Giragama Teachers College (Aesthetic) and was professionally qualified as a teacher. After the successful completion completion of teacher training, He joined the staff of the same teachers' college in the capacity of lecturer. In the years that followed, He rendered his service at Ampara Malwatte Tissapura Maha Vidyalaya, Vijaya College - Matale, Kaikawala Central College - Matale.

When the National College of Education System was first introduced in 1985, Bandara Athauda joined the Academic staff of Mahaweli National College of Education, Polgolla. Finally, When He retired from teaching career in 2008, He had worked in the Public service for 36 years and at Mahaweli NCOE alone for 23 years. Presently, Visharada Bandara Athauda engaged in lecturing as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya.

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