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Sujatha Aththanayake

Sujatha Attanayake was born on 12th May 1942. in Kalaniya, Sri Lanka. Sujatha is the 3rd in a family of five. Sujatha's father was a police officer known as M.D.Perera, Mother was A Tower Hall actress known as Vimalakanta.

In 1947 sujatha attended Kalaniya Vedamulla collage. At school concerts Sujatha and her younger sister Ranjani Perera would sing and dance. 10th of October 1950 she sang the song " Mal se Dileva" at the sinhala radio station writen by Sisira Kumara Manikkaarachchi.

Early life

Sujatha Attanayake was born in 12th of May 1942 she was the 3rd in a family of five. Sujatha's younger sister is Ranjani perera. Dharmasiri Perera is her elder brother next is sujatha flori devi is a Tower Hall actress she is the elderst in the family and finally is sujatha's youngest brother Susil perera.

Tower Hall Noorthi Gee is an old Book with Noorthi gee by Sujatha Attanayakes mother Vimala Kantha.

Some of her popular tracks are listed below for the referral.

Ada Hawasata Ma - click here

Adare Mandire - click here

Aganthuka Kurulla - click here

Ai atha pala - click here

Api Athata Piyamanna - click here

Api Ekama Pasale Gammane - click here

Awa Soya Adare - click here

Awado Mangalle - click here

Aye Kawda Ma Math Kala - click here

Bale Me Game Keewa Katha - click here

Bandi Ale Hada Pem Leele - click here

Bolan Podi Nangi - click here

Bonda Meedum Kandu Ralle - click here

Dunukeiya Malak Wage - click here

Eya Bak Maase Ma Patha - click here

Game Roopa Sundari - click here

Gamini Mani Roomath Devi - click here

Ganga Jamuna Se - click here

Guwan Thotille Sanda Sathapenawa - click here or here

Hada Santhane - click here

Handapana Wati Idda Saman - click here

Harde Rasa Maalige - click here or here

Hathara Watin Kalu Karagena Watina Welawe - click here

Hithanna Danna Hithe - click here

Jeewana Wila Mada - click here

Kadira Dewa Surindu - click here

Kanda Dewane - click here

Kandulin Premaya Ho - click here

Ko Maname Kiya - click here

Loke Tharanga Wadi Minisa - click here

Ma Obe Sakunthala - click here

Ma Podi Doni - click here

Ma Premaneeya Krishna - click here

Ma Unmada Chithra - click here

Ma Wewa Seetha Devi - click here

Maaligawe Ma Rajini - click here

Madura Yaame Suwade Saame - click here

Mage Mathake Obe Ruwa Ande - click here

Mahada Mandire - click here

Mal Saraata Prema Loke - click here

Mal Sugande Dam Sugande - click here or here

Malak Wunoth Mala Pipenna - click here

Mama Devinduni Dewolata Awe - click here

Mawa Santhapa - click here

Me Dese Rakina - click here

Me Ra Madiyam Yame - click here

Meedum Walawan Galala - click here or here

Na Mala Dhothin Nelu - click here

Nagare Higanni - click here

Natanna Me Mal Pare - click here

Nathi Una Adarayak Wenuwen - click here or here

Oba Asure - click here

Oba Enna Ma Soya - click here

Obage Hada Magemai - click here

Obata Ratak Atha - click here

Onchili Chilla Male - click here

Onchilla Thotili Koyindo - click here or here

Onchille Sanasille - click here

Padmeki Pena - click here

Pahan Dorin Wadina - click here

Paramithawan - click here

Parawunu Malwala Suwanda Athethe - click here or here

Pare Matha Veediye - click here

Pawee Yai Seetha - click here

Payai Me Rae Sandawathi - click here

Payana Punsanda  - click here

Pemwatha Tharaha Wela - click here

Pinsara Sobana Akase - click here

Piya Salana - click here

Preethi Kere - click here

Podi Manike Naga - click here

Podi Puthu Mage - click here

Punchi Dawas Wala Nindata Yaddi - click here or here

Puthune Me Aha Ganna - click here

Punchi Mal Pare - click here

Punchi Punchi Ran Patin - click here

Puthune Me Ahaganna - click here

Ra Payan Sandawathi - click here

Ra Pun Sanda Man - click here

Raja Vibushitha - click here

Ran Tharu Pun Sanda Gilunado - click here

Ran Tharu Se - click here

Ran Wan Ran - click here

Ranchu Ranchu - click here

Randu Wewi Gan Theere - click here

Rathriya Seethai - click here

Raw Naguna Ape Prema Purane - click here

Rawana Raju Maruwa Dakala - click here

Sadu Dantha Da - click here

Sagara Rajinata Adare Kiya - click here

Sakwala Lokayak Kala - click here

Sanda Gan Iwure - click here

Sanda Rajiniyane - click here

Sanduge Chaya - click here

Saradewa Maha Raja - click here

Sathapena Kala Winda Nidi Suwe - click here

Sathekda Pirimiyekda - click here

Sathyai Obe Darshane - click here or here

Seegiriye Ran Roopa - click here

Seetha Ra Sobana - click here

Seetha Rate Hima Kanden - click here

Seethala Rate Meeduma - click here

Sihinen Awith Kiyannam - click here

Sina Salanne Kawudo - click here

Sinase Sinase - click here

Singithi Ma Bilindo - click here

Siri Deru Heladiwa Purathane - click here or here

Siri Sambuddha Raaja Wandim - click here

Sithu De Pathu De - click here

Sonduru Pemaka - click here

Soya Enna Suhade - click here

Sri Gana Kanda - click here

Sri Sambuddha Raja Wadim - click here

Suriya Wanse - click here

Thun Helaye Ammawaru - click here

Thuru Hewane - click here

Udawadiya Malak Wage - click here

Warakan Kunatuwe - click here

Wedikaawe Geethikaawe - click here

Yuda Bime Awi Gata - click here

Athula Adikari

Adikarai Mudiyanselage Pubudu Athula Adikari was born in 1966 to a musical family.

Athula Adikari, who was famous as a talented pianist in his schooldays, joined the popular band ‘Sunflowers’ as a keyboard player when he was just 15 years of age.

Athula’s debut song collection was released in 1988. Half of the songs in this collection were hits.

He was also involved in providing music for the popular programme ‘Derana Dream Star’.

Personal Life

Athula, who met Samitha at the Janakala Centre in 1988, married her after lengthy love affair.

They have two children.

However, due to several reasons, their marriage was on the rocks before shattering completely a few years ago, reports say.

Details of Samitha’s infamous involvement with a current minister were out in the open after she and the minister met with an accident while travelling together.

Athula now has maried a famous model Amaya and lives a happy life with a blessing of a baby for them.

Some of his nice songs are listed below to refer.

Alen Wela Ganna (with Samitha) - click here or here

Email Kawikariye - click here

Guru Para Digata Tharu Hinahena Raye - click here

Hada Handala - click here or here

Imitation Mala Pote Pata Gawunama Gele - click here

Maa Dhase Adare Hangum - click here

Madura Wasanthe - click here

Malbara Himidiriye (with Samitha) - click here

Monawada Keewe Mata Oya - click here

Muthu Latha Sinaha Pokuru Paa - click here

Nalawena Sulagak Sansun Sithakata (with Samitha) - click here

Numba Awith Yanna (with Samitha) - click here

Numba Awith Yanna (Anuththara Theme Song 2) (with Samitha) - click here

Ma Dhase Adare Hangum / Paradeese Maa Dama - click here

Payala Tharu Nil Akasa Pura - click here

Ran Palase Wathiri Oba Hamuwu Da - click here

Ron Podak Wennam - click here or here

Sanda Ebennepa Tharu Siduru Wasa - click here

Sanda Pahanak Se Awidin - click here or here

Sanasen Nalawenna Sudo - click here or here

Sanda Oba Mage Duka Wimasana - click here

Sanda Tharu Mal Mata Dan Dun (with Samitha) - click here

Sanda Warunawata Tharu Keta Aakase (with Keerthi) - click here

Sithata Gathata Danena Lesata (with Samitha) - click here

Sondhin Nelum Mala Geniyana / Athinniye - click here

Tharahen Ahaka Bala - click here

Tharuka Pelin Eha (with Samitha) - click here or here

Visirunu Mal Pethi Dhothata Gath Kumari - click here

Wedikawa / Me Wedikawa Jeewithe Ape - click here or here

Somathilake Jayamaha

After about 40 years of state service, Somathilaka Jayamaha is now retired and living peacefully by giving more time to music.

As most of our artist sell their talent for money, Sri Lanka is lucky to have a fine gentleman artist like him.


Veteran singer Somathilaka Jayamaha who had been playing a silent but powerful role for more than four decades has released his album "Oba Malak Wela" as his most recent.

He has also performed together with other artists like Amarasiri Peiris, Nirosha Viragini in his shows like "Siyapath Wila".

Also he has performed in many shows together with well talented Sri Lankan slow music artists like Sunil Edirisinghe, Sanath Nandasiri, Bandara Athauda, Karunaratne Diwulgane, Deepika Priyadarshani Peiris and Amarasiri Peiris.

Adaraye Unusuma Langa - click here

Aga Hinga Iniweta Dhalulaa - click here

Ala Dola Surathal Balanna - click here

Api Ayeth Hamu Nowuna Nam - click here or here

Boho Dukin Boho Lesin Adara Gee - click here

Budhu Piyanane - click here or here

Dhasa Bimbara Mara Senga - click here or here

Dhama Yannata Noheki Mihi Matha - click here

Dhenuwara Min Pasu Eka Nuwarak Wemi - click here or here or here

Hamadamath Yaluwe - click here

Hamuwunaa Oba Wan Kenek - click here

Indunil Mini Bopath Salena - click here

Jeewitha Pawasata Diya Dhoraki Oba - click here

Kusum Pipi Thuru Mathe - click here or here

Maha Warusawata - click here or here

Manamala Giraw - click here

Muthu Kuda Ihalana Mal Warusawe - click here

Nawadeli Henaka - click here or here or here

Nuga Sewanak See Numbata - click here or here or here

Oba Malak Wela Wana Arane Pipewee - click here or here or here or here

Piyaman Keruwemu / Pem Bas Deduwemu - click here or here

Podi Duwage Sina Walai - click here or here

Sadae Andura Lowa Galana Welawe - click here or here

Sunilwan Nuwan - click here or here

Wathsunu Suwandin Suwanda Kereya - click here

Yalu Bala Sande Kandu Mudune - click here or here

Shinan Mihiranga

Shihan Mihiranga (born 18 March 1985), is a Sri Lankan singer, composer and songwriter. He finished in fifth place on the first season of Sirasa Superstar, an idol program in Sri Lanka on the lines of American Idol.

He released his first album 'Dreams of Shihan' in 2006. Then in 2008 he released his second album, Dreamz 2 - My Life. Despite being the 5th position in Sirasa Super Star, season 1, Shihan was highly impressed and is popular than all other young singers ever in Super Star arena.

In Sirasa Superstar season 4 which was renamed as 'Generation 4', Shihan compered the program along with Nirosha Perera-Yawwane Sihina Yata Daelwune.

Also, he was featured on and vocalized the theme song of Sirasa Superstar, Generation 4. His album, Dreams of Shihan, won the Most Popular Album award in 2006. He currently acts as the Brand Ambassador for Mobitel Smart 5, and Tiara Rollo cake.

Early life and background

Shihan was born on 18 March 1985 to Tyronne Bennet and Nilu Mallika. His Father, Tyronne Bennet is a Music Engineer. He has a sister,Shanika Mihiravi.He studied at De Mazenod College, Kandana.


Shihan Mihiranga married Gishni Clementa Silva in January 25 2012. Their love story had reportedly started 9 years ago and it was a secret to media till now.

The wedding held at St. Mary’s church in Nayakakanda, Hendala . Reports say that the lovebirds were intent on keeping the event low scale and away from the attention of the media. Clementa is the daughter of Upali Silva, who is a PTI of Shihan’s school.

Ada Thaniyen Maa - click here or here or here

Asa Gatena Dasa Dahasak Nethu Matha - click here or here

As Dekak Hinahila / Wahinne Wassaane - click here

Hitha Adare Soya (Nadini Premadasa ft.) / Mona Tharan Adare Kalath - click here
Hitha Handa Welawe / Punchi Kumariye - click here or here or here

Mata Nelaganna Bari / Oba Ruwa Dutu Wita - click here

Mage Hithata Eya Danuna - click here

Nethu Kadahalena Tharuwak Waage / Manaliyak Wee Ae - click here or here

Oba Dutuwa E Dine Sitha Mata Keewa - click here

Perada Mawu Sina Sangawee Kohe Giya - click here

Pini Bindu Sihine Nethu Kan Matha - click here

Pini Poda Watena Arunelle / Mata Denawada Numbe Hitha - click here

Ron Suwanda Dena (Uresha Ravihari ft.) - click here

Seethala Sulanga Hamai (Bili Fernando ft.) / Samidun - click here

Sewwandiye / E Sonduru Samanal Wiye - click here

Sina Mal Kekulu Pubuda Ae Kiwa Mata Horen - click here

Sithin Pathanna Maa Langin Hindinna Maa / Clementina - click here or here

Sudo Sudu Adare Mage - click here

Sudu Rosa Mal Watila Thibuna - click here or here

Sulangak Wela Oba Soya Enna One - click here or here

Obe Senehe Dawatemin / Unusuma Amma - click here or here

Shelton Muthumanage

Shelton Muthumanage is a talented singer in Sri Lanka but not largely popular. His nice contributions include Passion Play.

Passion Play

During the year 2012 for the first time in the history, 18 leading cinema and TV stars in Srilanka participated in 'Sri Kurusalokaya" / Thambakande Paskuwa 2012 ' Passion Play which was produced by Negombo Nobleman Prem fernando and cordinated by veteran srilankan film star Cletus Mendis from Negombo.

Maureen Charuni veteran silver screen actress played the role of Maria while Roy de Silva, Sumana Amarasinghe, Cletus Mendis, Richard Weerakkody, kanchana mendis, Tennyson Cooray, Mahesh Jayasinghe, Neeta fernando, Sunil Costa, Sunil Liyanarachchi, Rohitha perera, Ghananga Gunawardena, Boniface Fernando, Eardly Wedamuni, Shelton Muthunamage, Rohana Samansiri all of whom are veterans in the silver screen also participated.

Some of his very popular songs of his few fans are listed below.

Awanhalaka Ipadee Maa - click here or here or here

Deega Noyan Raththarane - click here

Mage Sitha Sihina Wiman Athare - click here

Mangalye Suba Mohothe - click here

Me Dew Madure Pudasuna Abiyasa Hinda - click here

Waru Nagen Sitha - click here

Sanath Nandasiri

Professor Sanath Nandasiri (born February 15, 1942 in Gothatuwa, Sri Lanka) is a critically acclaimed Sri Lankan classical musician.

Sanath Nandasiri has received several awards for his compositions; he composed the music to Sandamalige Kathawa, the first TV serial on Rupavahini.

Early life and education

He was born to businessman and building contractor, H.M. William Perera and Dona Amalin Katugampola. He attended two schools concurrently as an adolescent (Gothatuwa Maha Vidyalaya and St. Matthew’s College, Dematagoda, where he studied English).

He first appeared on Sinhala Radio at the age of 13 in 1955. He began studying the tabla instrument under D.R. Peiris soon after. In 1960 Nandasiri travelled to India to continue his studies at Bhatkhande Music Institute. His teachers at the academy included Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa, G.N. Nattu, Ustad Mokshut Ali, Pandit Hari Shankar Misra and Ustad Rahimmuddeen Khan Daga. While in India, composed several songs that appeared on Lucknow radio. He returned to Sri Lanka in 1974 and joined the staff of University of Kelaniya as a lecturer. He served as the head of music at the university from 1988–1992.

Sanath Nandasiri took the Part I examination in vocal music and obtained first class at the "Nipun" examination in 1992 becoming the first Sri Lankan to achieve this task. He serves as Dean of the Music Faculty at the University of the Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

Personal life

Sanath Nandasiri married singer Malkanthi Peiris in 1971. They collaborated on songs before and after their marriage. Nandasiri's daughter Anuradha was born February 14, 1974.
Anuradha, also a musician, is currently back in Sri Lanka with her husband Nirosha Bandara.

Mage Ratata Dalada Himi Sewanai - click here or here

Adara Samarum - click here

Adare Nae Adare - click here

Bambaru Nodutu Malak - click here

Bomaluwe Mal - click here or here or here

Buduhamuduruwo Wadiya Wage - click here

Dangakara Oya Desa - click here or here

Dedunnen Ena - click here or here

Duleeka / Seetha Rae Yame - click here or here

Duu Anuradha - click here

Eda Meda Thura - click here or here or here

Eka Yayata Mal Peedunu - click here or here

Etha Epita - click here or here

Ewulunu Gini Dal - click here

Game Kopi Kade - click here or here

Hichchi Nage - click here

Kawrudo Ara Kawuluwen - click here

Koho Koho - click here

Lassana Nam - click here

Maa Hada Asapuwa - click here

Mahada Pemwile - click here

Mahada Veena - click here

Mamanam Asai - click here or here

Me Prathama Wasanthayai - click here

Mihirawee - click here or here

Mulu Lowa Magen Asaawi - click here or here

Numbe Suwanda Pirunu Punchi Kamare - click here

Obe Asuren - click here

Pemathura Hangum - click here

Pembara Dewi - click here

Samu Gannado - click here

Sandalu Thale Hinda Peramaga Balana - click here

Sandae Kaluwara - click here

Sina Nagannee - click here

Sitha Gawa Sirakariyai - click here

Sowin Piri Mage Hadawatha - click here

Vikasitha Watha Kamale - click here

Waradak Kalath - click here or here

Wasana Wewa - click here

Yashodara - click here or here

Surendra Perera

Surendra Perera is a young talent found in Sirasa Super Star season 2 in 2007. He became runners up in the season and went onto become a successful singer among young Sri Lankan fans. Singer performs mainly at domestic and international musical shows for Sri Lankanks.

Early Life and Education

Mihidukulasuriya Porestus Ramal Surendra Perera was born in September 30, 1978. He studied at St.Anthonies College, Wattala. He has two married sisters in his family.

Personal Life

His favorite singers are H.R. Jothipala and Rukantha Gunathilake. His most popular album is "Wahi Pabalu" in 2008.

Awichara Unmada - click here

Dethol Theli Thudin - click here

Diya Kinduriya Se Sagare ( Surendra ) - click here

Ganga Addara Maa Sihil Senehe Sanahi ( New ) - click here

Gangawai Mahamuhudai (with Flashback - not in good quality) - click here

Hada Wiman Dorin - click here

Kindura Mamai Obe - click here

Lan Lanwa Sitiyata - click here

Mage Manamala Sukumala Supemwathi - click here

Ma Hada Bingu Piyamba - click here

Mana Ranjanaa - click here

Mihidum Wasanthe - click here

Pama Nowee Samawa Dee - click here

Payanna Sanda Meedume Ai Inne Sangawee Sande - click here

Sulange Pawee Ae Wetha Yaawee (Remake) - click here

Wehi Pabalu Sali Ingi Karana Hati - click here