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Athula Adikari

Adikarai Mudiyanselage Pubudu Athula Adikari was born in 1966 to a musical family.

Athula Adikari, who was famous as a talented pianist in his schooldays, joined the popular band ‘Sunflowers’ as a keyboard player when he was just 15 years of age.

Athula’s debut song collection was released in 1988. Half of the songs in this collection were hits.

He was also involved in providing music for the popular programme ‘Derana Dream Star’.

Personal Life

Athula, who met Samitha at the Janakala Centre in 1988, married her after lengthy love affair.

They have two children.

However, due to several reasons, their marriage was on the rocks before shattering completely a few years ago, reports say.

Details of Samitha’s infamous involvement with a current minister were out in the open after she and the minister met with an accident while travelling together.

Athula now has maried a famous model Amaya and lives a happy life with a blessing of a baby for them.

Some of his nice songs are listed below to refer.

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Numba Awith Yanna (Anuththara Theme Song 2) (with Samitha) - click here

Ma Dhase Adare Hangum / Paradeese Maa Dama - click here

Payala Tharu Nil Akasa Pura - click here

Ran Palase Wathiri Oba Hamuwu Da - click here

Ron Podak Wennam - click here or here

Sanda Ebennepa Tharu Siduru Wasa - click here

Sanda Pahanak Se Awidin - click here or here

Sanasen Nalawenna Sudo - click here or here

Sanda Oba Mage Duka Wimasana - click here

Sanda Tharu Mal Mata Dan Dun (with Samitha) - click here

Sanda Warunawata Tharu Keta Aakase (with Keerthi) - click here

Sithata Gathata Danena Lesata (with Samitha) - click here

Sondhin Nelum Mala Geniyana / Athinniye - click here

Tharahen Ahaka Bala - click here

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