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Sangeeth Wijesuriya

Sangeeth Wijesuriya, a Sri Lankan musician who is trying to delicate your soul by the help of music. All of his hottest songs, videos and updates will be online through this website.

Music is his talent and it is one of his professions. He started his journey when his was schooling at Nadagamuwa College and then he joined to Senarath Paranawithana college, Udugampala.

He loves dancing, playing Flamenco Guitar & classical guitar. His favorite music genre is world music. He said to be influenced by all the artists around him while they are interesting and following the “Artist” factor.

Early Life and Favorites

He has been awarded as the “Best Singer” at Sarasavi Awards 1989. Not only Bands, Albums and Concerts, he has also gifted his talent on some Sri Lankan tele-dramas and movies too.

He has planned to produce spiritual music to blend Sri Lankan music with world music. Currently he's studying Classical & Flamenco music while facing TRINITY GUILDHALL exams with classical guitar.

His whole objective is to produce music and make people happy with his latest WAYO LIVE Band.

Adare Wadiy Obata - click here or here

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Lama thani - click here

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Mage Susume - click here

Mal Perahera Enna Se - click here or here

Me Raga Thala Api Gayanne - click here or here

Nandana Sihina Gange - click here

Numbe Pem Loke - click here or here

Paana Oya Sinahawe - click here

Pinwanthiye Mage Prema Kathawe - click here or here

Piya Sala Thurul Wela - click here

Priyanbari Hangumbari / Laila lai lai - click here

Rae Ahase Sanda Nagila - click here

Rae Pura Nuwan Ara - click here

Sela Andama Mala Bandama - click here

Sewandari Horehin Anda Gahuwa - click here

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