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Roshan Fernando

Roshan Fernando is a popular artist among Sri Lankan young generation who loves to watch live musical shows. He leads one of the most popular music bands in Sri Lanka - FlashBack.

Flash Back Band

He usually sings love songs, which made him so popular among young generation. FlashBack said to have their home town in Katuneriya. And they visit and sing overseas live shows as well now for Sri Lankans living outside of Sri Lanka.

Some of Roshan's most popular songs are named as follows.

Amme Obe Ruwa - click here

Daiwaye Saradam - click here

Dumriya Pola - click here

Dura Atha Rataka Thaniwee - click here

Hadawatha Parana - click here

Hadawathin Obawa Pathuwama - click here

Hitha Hiri Wattana - click here or here or here

Lassana Oba Dutu Da - click here

Maa Sitha Bandune Obatai - click here or here

Niwaduwata Mama Ennam - click here or here or here

Oba Harima Lassanai - click here or here

Oba Hemin Awidin Mage Heena Loketa - click here

Oba Hemin Hemin - click here

Oba Malak Suwanda Malak - click here

Oba Nidana - click here or here or here

Obata Thiyena Adare - click here or here

Pihatuwaka Bara - click here or here or here

Pini Watunata - click here

Poojaneeyai Aadare - click here or here or here

Punchi As Deka Kandulu Purawan - click here

Ralu Yakada Pawa - click here

Thawa Eka Sarayak - click here or here or here

Sandawathiya Obai - click here

Sudu Mal Handuwa - click here or here or here

Sudu Nangiye - click here or here

Sulanga Wage Danga Karana - click here or here or here

Suranganawiyo Atha Dew Lowe - click here

Supem Suwandak Aran - click here or here

Uda Maluwe - click here

Wasantha Kaleta Suranganawan - click here