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Mervin Perera

Mervin Perera belongs to the classical music era initiated by the likes of Amaradeva in the 1960s. He joined the scene along with his contemporaries Victor Rathnayaka and Sanath Nandasiri.

Though his first song was the evergreen number Oba Dedunna Akase in 1969, his first melody was in 1967. He studied music at the Government’s Music College and emerged as a skilled flautist following music in Western style. His songs are limited but they are brimmed with quality as well as popularity.

Early Life

Born on September 21, 1940, in Kuda Payagala in Southern Sri Lanka Mervin learnt music from his father, Herman Perera, a music master, who taught him how to hold a violin.

Following his guidance young Mervin entered the Kalayathanaya in 1959 and after six years of training, started his teaching career as a music teacher in a remote village in Ampara.

His first appointment was to Ampara Vijayapura Maha Vidyalaya and later worked towards enhancing the musical talents of many a youth at a number of schools. He was suspended for three years in 1980 and rejoined the teaching profession in 1983. He retired from teaching in 2000.


Me Nagaraya Maa Oba Muna gesunu nagarayai took him to the height of popularity. Premakeerthi de Alwis and KDK Dharmawardena penned most of his lyrics.

Mervin derived most of his inspirations from the church, but he was never a person to be lured by modern trends. In fact Mervin detested rap music because he believed that that the style did not suit Sri Lankan music. He was well versed in manipulating western and eastern music into one line.

Though he was a popular vocalist he also gained repute as a talented music composer. Nanda Malini’s Me Sira Meduren, Nilambare and Hanthana Adaviye includes his music. In addition, he was also a sought after lyricist who penned songs well-loved tunes like Sihil sulan ralle.

In a career spanning almost 50 years this talented musician, lyricist and music composer has gifted the industry with a number of lilting melodies.

His songs such as Sanda midulata enawa and Me nagaraya gained much popularity among Sinhala music fans.

His son, Amal, is following his footsteps and had already proven his mettle in the music scene.

Last days

He was a member of the orchestra and had recorded around a hundred songs, several of them local hits, at the time of his death at 69 at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital on December 7.

According to family sources Perera had suffered from diabetes and was hospitalised recently when he took a turn for the worse. His remains are kept at his residence in Payagala Kalutara and funeral arrangements would be notified soon.

Following is a list of popular tracks sung by Mervin Perera in his days for the referral.

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Ek Dinak Sandawaka Man - click here

Eka Mohothakak Oba Sewane - click here

Katharaka Thaniwee Oba Yana Ayuru Peni Peni - click here

Landak Landak Dutimi Landak - click here

Maa Sanasa Maa Nalawa / Withak Madupera - click here or here or here or here

Me Nagaraya - click here or here

Nilupul Yuwale - click here

Nima Nowena Pem - click here

Oba Dedunna Akasaye - click here

Obe Adare Shila Lipiyak Wage - click here

Pabasara Ran Pabalu - click here

Ran Meewitha Purawa - click here or here or here or here

Sanda Midulata Enawa - click here or here

Suwadathi Kusumaka Susinidu Pethi Matha - click here

Wana Bambara Thudin - click here

* Mervin With Sunflower - click here