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Nanda Malani

Nanda Malini (born August 23, 1943) whose unmatchable deep voice started a new chapter in Sri Lankan female classical music context is undoubtedly the most talented Sri Lankan female singer who is often compared with country's most respected singer Pandith Amaradewa.

She has gained her praise and popularity and won her 11 Sarasaviya Awards and 8 Presidential Awards for Best Singer.

Early life

Malini was born to a rural family of nine in Lewanduwa in Aluthgama. She moved to Kotahena in Colombo as an adolescent and was admitted to Sri Gunananda Vidyalaya where she came under the tutelage of T. N. Margaret Perera. After winning a poetry contest, Malini was taken to Radio Ceylon by Perera and sang "Budu Sadu" on Karunaratne Abeysekera's popular programme Lama Mandapaya.


Malini continued her training after achieving fame, learning under B. Victor Perera, studying for a year at Heywood and moving on to Bhatkhande Music Institute at Lucknow, India 1963. She would later return to the University to obtain a Visharada degree in 1984. Upon her return to Sri Lanka, Malini appeared on Amaradeva's programme Madhuvanthi singing "Sannaliyane" and "Ran Dahadiya Bindu Bindu."

Malini has had a string of successful releases: Perada Maha Re, Pahan Kanda, Sathyaye Geethaya, Hemanthayedi, Tharuka Es, Pavana, Sindu Hodiya, Kinduriyakage Vilapaya, Madhu Bandun, Tharu, Malmada Bisau, Cinema Geethavalokana, Kirimadu Vel, Londonyedi Geyu Gee, Yathra, Handahami, Sanka Padma, Pembara Lanka, Kunkuma Pottu, Gramaphone Gee, Araliya Landata, Malata Renu, Nilambare, Sari Podittak and Pirith Pen.Her choice of lyrics depicts realistic life situations, and most intricate, love, human relationships and emotions.

"Pipunu Male Ruwa", "Sudu Hamine" and "Kada Mandiye" attest to her endless efforts to expose the hearts of women. some of Nanda's popular songs such "Manda Nawa Karanawa", are a humorous and sensitive account of a young woman's experience of loneliness.


In 1971 Nanda Malini collaborated with Pandit W. D. Amaradewa in the Srawana Aradhana musical concert. In 1973 she started her first solo concert and after Having 530 shows, the series ended on May 22, 1979. In August, 1981 she start another concert ‘Sathyaye Geethaya’.

She held 500 shows till August 1984. She conducted next solo musical concert named Pavana in June, 1987 which run 18 months with 205 shows. After 22 years her newest solo musical concert titled ‘Shwetha Rathriya’ hold with collaboration with Sirasa FM in 2010.

Some of her very popular songs are listed below for the referral.

Aadaraye Wedanawa Hadata Danunu - click here

Aalaya Wan Manaram - click here

Ammawarune - click here

Ase Madura Jeewanaye Geetha - click here

Buduni Jesuni Nabi Nayaka thumanee - click here

Deno Dahak Dena - click here

Dingiri Amma - click here

Dola Langa Guru Para Dige - click here

Hada Wila Kalambana - click here or here

Handa Hawun Hande - click here

Jesu Swami Daruwane - click here

Kada Mandiye Dola Aine - click here

Kap Suwahas Kal - click here

Komala Thalen - click here

Kumari Bambasara - click here

Kurutu Gae Gee Pothe - click here

Lowama Epaa wee - click here

Mage Deshaya Mage Agama - click here

Mage Sanda Oba - click here or here

Mage Sihinaya - click here

Manda Nawa Karanawa - click here or here

Mulu Nuwarama Nidigath - click here

Muni Nandana - click here

Nilambare Sudu Parawi Ran - click here

Nona Nanawanam - click here

Obai Ramya Sanda Kirana - click here

Perada Maha Rae - click here

Premaya Nam - click here

Ran Kenden - click here

Rata Karawanta Nam - click here or here

Raththaran Duwe Mage - click here

Ridee Pahan - click here

Sande Kaluwara - click here

Sukiri Batillange - click here

Sulan Kapolle - click here

Tharuda Nidana Maha Rae - click here or here

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