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Malani Bulathsinhala

Malani Bulathsinhala began her illustrious career at the age of 13, when she hosted a children’s’ show on SLBC and entered the Haywood Institute of Arts in 1970 to study music professionally.

Early life

She was a music teacher and was the Deputy Director of education for the Western Province from 1994. Mrs. Bulathsinhala received three Sarasavi Film awards for her songs featured on the films “Madu Samaya”, “Wathsala Akka” and “Umayangana”.

Among her most popular songs were, ‘Dampatin La Sanda Besayanawa’, ‘Thara Paara Diga’ and ‘Mala Pothe Akuru’ and several others.

Also she was the beloved wife of famous musician H. M. Jayawardena and mother of famous singer and musician Kasun Kalhara Jayawardena.


Visharada Malani Bulathsinhala passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 51 following a sudden illness.

Some of her top music tracks are listed below for the referral.

Ahasin Tharuwak - click here

Bambara Thudata - click here

Dakina Wita Pansalak - click here

Dathe Bangali Walalu - click here

Kaata Wiman Wee - click here

Kanda Kenda Karanu Pinisa - click here

Konde Bandala Ape Putha Kolamba Indan - click here

Maa Yanena - click here

Ma Ekkala - click here

Ma Hinda Oba - click here

Mala Pothe Akuru Bae Kee Miniha - click here

Me Senehasa - click here

Monalisa - click here

Naga Salamba - click here

Nil Girata Udin - click here

Obata Ma Adaraya Kala Bawa Metharam - click here or here

Ohe Giyaa Den - click here

Paduru Ela - click here

Premaye - click here

Premaye Wilthere - click here or here

Punpoda Sanda - click here

Samagi Samadana - click here

Sanda Ahasa Wage Sarasi Mata Inna Kiya - click here

Sanda Madalasita - click here

Sandu Sora - click here

Saw Siri Piri Rataka - click here

Senehasa Puda Maha Sagaraya Wage - click here

Senehasa Illa - click here

Sith Kalu Paha - click here

Thara Para Diga Pata Pata - click here

Theruwan Saranai - click here

Wasan Karanna - click here

Wassane Sina Salai - click here

Yaya Pura Sudu - click here