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Kumarasiri Pathirana

Kumarasiri Pathirana is a talented hidden singer and novelist from Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka. He is not very popular like other singers but has sung some few nice light music songs.

He used to sing love songs with sorrow a lot comparing by a percentage of his songs.

Some of Kumarasiri Pathirana's familiar tracks are listed below for the referral.

Aae Sihiwela - click here

Desithaka Senehasa - click here

Guru Pare - click here

Hada Mage Ridum Denawa - click here

Innam Ithin Maa Sadakal - click here

Kandulal Salu Nethe - click here

Kiyanne Kelesada - click here

Mage Hadawatha Handinagath Oba - click here

Muthu Mal Kumaree - click here

Obata Liyanaa Mulma Lipiyai - click here

Peradaka Rae Sihinen Dutu - click here

Piwithuru Hada Langa - click here

Punchi Puthu Mage Hinahenne - click here

Sanda Se Uda Wee - click here

Seetha Rae Sanda - click here

Sithin Patha Innam - click here