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Janaka Wickramasinghe

Janaka Wickramasinghe is a very talented slow music singer in Sri Lanka, who has not yet given well appreciation around the country. Even though his songs are heard his information are not widely published.

Janaka Wickramasinghe has take part in The ‘Susara Gee’ musical evening featuring with vetaran vocalists in Sri Lanka like Sunil Edirisinghe, Deepika Priyadarshani and Amarasiri Peiris.

Some of Janaka Wickramasinghe's top tracks are listed below for the referral.

Ahaka Bala Ganna Epa - click here

Ane Sir / Niwadu Epa - click here

Api Gedara Yamuda - click here

Api Katha Nokara Imu Sina Nowee Imu - click here

Ase Kandulu - click here

Bala Thepul - click here

Balikaviyan Thanksalawiyan - click here
Cellular Kurulu Ran - click here

Dewi - click here

Dewure Dilena Sonda Muthu Mala Palandanna - click here or here or here

Ekama Malai - click here

Gammane Suwanda - click here

Isurumuniyaka Thiya - click here

Jeewithe Sihinayakda - click here

Kirula Muthu Lihini - click here

Kumba Gaha Mudune - click here

Mage Sina Wena Athakata Yanna Nodi - click here

Mathakada Wali Bath Iwuwa - click here

Nindavur Kalapuwa Langa - click here

Numbey Sirikkiyata - click here

Obe Sina Langa Netha Nawathuna Da - click here

Poddak Hina Wenna - click here

Pulathisi Purawara - click here

Ranchu Gasena - click here

Sagara Tharanga Sudu Werala - here

Sandawathiye - click here

Sil Reddak Se - click here

Siri Samanala - click here