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Henry Caldera

Henry Caldera (August 19, 1937 – October 11, 2006 (aged 69)) was a Sri Lankan Singer/Songwriter/Musician.

Early life

Caldera was born on August 19, 1937. He went completely blind at 14 and attended Seeduwa Deaf and Blind school. Caldera became a radio artist in 1968 and had his first hit song with Thara Petia in 1972. He released a four song album in 1977.

During his lifetime he released three audio cassettes and two CD's. Most of the songs that he sang were Solos. Most of his songs are children's songs and many are based on true experiences. Caldera sang for his own children and as well as for his grand children.


In 1979 the then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranasinghe Premadasa, donated a house for Caldera to live in. In the year 1993 he was felicitated with a Kala Bhushana award (the second highest award granted by the state for performing artists).

During his lifetime he was felicitated by several universities (student bodies) and non governmental organisations in appreciation of his service to folk music.

  • Kala Bhushana Award - 1993

Caldera firmly believed that art is art and nothing could buy an artist and held on to that until he died.

Caldera had four children with his wife who was also blind. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and died on October 11, 2006. he son Stanley Kaldera continue to perform Hendry Kaldera's songs in his memory.

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