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Greshan Ananda

Popular singer and song writer Greshan Ananda (born in 1958) has had a great time in 80s to 90s with his excellent songs.

Music Awards

In 1992, Neela Wickramasinghe won Sarasaviya Best Female Playback Singer award for her singing in "Dolosmahe Pahana". The music was done by Greshan Ananda for this movie.

He was awarded Sarasaviya Best Male Playback Singer Award for his songs for "Raja Dharuwo" movie in 1993. The Sarasaviya Best Male Playback Singer Award is presented annually by the weekly Sarasaviya newspaper in collaboration with the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited at the Sarasaviya Awards Festival. Although the Sarasaviya Awards Ceremony began in 1964, this award was introduced much later.

  • Sarasaviya Best Male Playback Singer Award - 1993


The 52 year old music veteran was receiving treatment for a number of illnesses from the 22nd of December, 2010 has passed away in 29th December, 2010.

Some of Greshan's popular tracks are listed below for the referral.

Adara Sinuwa Sem Lowa Dora langa - click here

Bale Punchi Kale Wage - click here

Dilindune Daruwane Mage / Amma Pew Kiri - click here

Eatha Duraka Desa Pawela - click here

Epadi Lowe / Sinaha Kandulu - click here or here

Hima Kandu Yahane - Greshan Ananda & Niranjala Sarojani - click here

Hima Renu - click here

Maa Ha Aae Suratha Dara - click here

Ranin Mala - click here

Mama Ragathala - click here

Sammanee Duwani - click here

Sanda Se Nisha Thalawe - click here

Sangavi Yannata - click here

Sathutin Nidalle - click here

Sawasata Paya - click here

Sihina Ahase Wasanthe - click here

Tharu Yayen - click here

Tharuwak Pipi - click here

You can also listen to some of these few songs online at Meemassa dot com