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Athma Liyanage

A very popular singer among Sri Lankan music fans, Athma Liyanage is considered to have a unique voice and a great vocalist.

He keeps producing some great songs time to time from 80s to current days and continues.

He is a singer with great talent and owns a lot of beautiful sinhala songs that will stay with us for a long time unlike some new songs. Classic examples are Liyathambara, Epa kandulal sala, Kandu pamula...

Sri Lankan Pop Music

He is also considered as a great Sri Lankan pop singer. Known for his works “Liyathambara”, “Ayemath Adaren”, “Epa kandulal Sala”, “Maali”

Following are some great songs of Athma for the referral.

Ayemath Adaren - click here

Awwe Yanna - click here

Bala Divasin / Surindune Kanda Surindune - click here

Barai Devyo - click here

Bindi giya senehe / igila giya bambarune - click here

Diwa ra gewenawa maha maga nithara - click here

Dunna Kaduwa - click here

Epa kandulal Sala - click here

Hamuwee ma eda - click here

Hitha dura handa - click here

Kanda surindune - click here

Kandu athare randee / Milana wee yana - click here

Kandu pamula sita - click here

Kanda udin aruna watena himidiriye - click here

Liyathambara / Mudu kusumakee ae - click here

Maali / Sihina kumari - click here

Mal sina salanna mal sina - click here

Rae ahase tharu keta paya diluna - click here

Rae andure - click here

Ranabima adarin a
- click here

Samanaliya manaloliya - click here

Sihina lowe maya wathire - click here

Sihin sarin iki binda binda - click here

Thana Bima Ada - click here

Wedana - click here