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Amarasiri Peiris

Amarasiri Peiris, as the Director of music of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation is shouldering the responsibility of safeguarding the identity of Sinhala radio music as well as of universal music.

With the musical influence at home in his childhood, Amarasiri commenced his life of music and his musical journey achieving the esteemed position of Director of Music. Mr. Albert Peiris, the father of Amarasiri Peiris was an ‘A’ grade radio artist. His teacher, H. W. Rupasinghe (Master Rupasinghe) and the contemporary musicians such as Mr. J.A. Satyadasa used to visit Amarasiri’s home for their radio programme related discussions.

Academic and Professional Achievements

Mr. Amarasiri’s professional career in music field is started in 1963 as he was gained admission to the Collage of Fine Arts Heywood (Today it is the Faculty of Aesthetic Studies) and followed a five year course in vocal instrumental studies. After graduation in 1966 he joined the orchestra of the SLBC as instrumentalist (as a violinist). In 1977 he was promoted as an “A” Grade artiste and in 1979 Amarasiri took over duties as the Head of the orchestra. Later, in 1989 he became the Controller of the music division and in 1994 he became the Director of Music, SLBC.

As a Director/Music he has introduced several varieties of musical programmers by adding value to the programme in order to owing public popularity for the SLBC programme due to their nature, quality and conduct. His innovation was extended to improve standards of aesthetic appreciation of listeners and also leads to gradual procession to educate the mass which benefited a large number of school children, university students and young musicians. His career is spanned in to three decades with a classical foundation and outstanding performances.


He broadened his knowledge by mastering the native music, North India, Western Music and traditions. Including all these aspects related to music and fine art, the knowledge, experience and the discipline he gained turned him into a different person and as a result Amarasiri has developed policies of his own which favor him to become a “unique singer”.

Mastery in Instruments

In nineteen sixties Amarasiri took part in instrumental music for almost all the films produced. Violin and viola were his main instruments. The acquaintance of accomplished musician, Maestro Dr.Premasiri Kemadasa was able to make his music life shine better Amarasiri has been instrumental in composing for light music, new creations and songs for the radio programmes. He sang for films and for teledrama and all those songs became very popular. Also, after he became the Director of Music of the Broadcasting Service.

Amarasiri planned and implemented programmes such as “Nava Gee Doratuwa”. “Vishwa Sangeethaya” (Universal Music) “Miyasi Atwela” and “Sambavya Batahira Sangeethaya” which were acclaimed by the music lovers. Those programme were pioneered in opening doors for large number of blooming new singers, lyric writers, and musicians.

Although, he had an opportunity to release a large number of cassettes and CDs as he had been received numerous invitations from cassette and CDs producers to sing for CDs and cassettes, he was more careful in selecting lyrics as a result he released few number of cassettes and CDs on his account.

He believes that best songs should be consisted of eloquently phrased lyrics complemented by music of high caliber captivated hearts of the public. He has and more than 200 songs and almost all the songs are very popular and telecasted and broadcasted in number of TV and Radio stations operated in the country. He took part in many foreign delegations to European and Middle-east counties to sing Sinhalese classic songs.

Specialisation as a Vocalist

It is a well known fact that, opportunities for a good violinist to become a good vocalist are high compared to others who involved in the orchestra team. In playing the violin and the viola as well as in singing, Amarasiri has a natural gift but has been allowing the time to pass. His talent was discovered by Maestro Dr. Premasiri Kemadasa and he was encouraged to become a vocalist.

After two decades from his career at SLBC as violinist, Maestro Dr. Kemadasa invited him to sing devotional song “Budu Sihilagalala” and thereafter he got a chance to sing “Landune” song which helps him to bring his hidden artiste into the limelight and won instant popularity. He was convinced that he could do better service to music through singing and thereafter he has sing several number of songs written by popular artists and young artists.

Amarasiri is a rare and outstanding singer he is quite capable to manage his voice not only as a voice but as an instrument which enrich the quality of song due to the spellbinding quality of his voice. He is one of those rare people who are seemingly gifted at his craft, for which songs come naturally, as does playing. According to Maestro Dr. Kemadasa, Amarasiri is distinctive singer as he possesses three characteristics such as flexibility in voice, vast knowledge in western and North Indian music and his personality. Therefore, Amarasiri Peiris is a make of “ Srilankan culture”.


He began a new musical journey with Maestro Dr. Kemadasa to develop “operas”. “symphony orchestras” and cantatas which is the ever found best combination in the Sri Lankan music. He contributed in many ways to success such programmes and took part in the opera conducted by Dr. Kemadasa namely “Manasa wila, Doramadalawa and Agni.

Presently Amarasiri is attached to the Dr. Kemadasa foundation as North Indian music teacher as he is much derived pleasure to share his knowledge and vast experience with young generation. Now he is devoted his time to conduct “Community Music Therapy” programme together with other two partners in the music and medical fields to address social values through reading mind of people to upgrade their values cultural relationships and behavior. This programme is named as “Salanisala” which will be commenced in June 2008 to be conducted through out the country and overseas. This is a action research programme which would help to formulate new policies in the health and social services sectors.

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