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Best SriLankan music, audio, video online websites

Here are list of web sites for your referral that you can find Sri Lankan Music online.

Music dot lk - Previously known as 'Galle Zone' dot com with music fans. You can directly download songs without any registration with this site. great :) just search here..

MP3 Srilanka - This site intends to allow you to listen to srilankan mp3 songs online. But you can download the songs with your firefox browser or even a browser that supports multiple tabbing. To download the song without listening, press the middle mouse button to open the song in a new tab. Then in the address bar just copy the location, it will show the direct download link to the song. Then download the song with a download manager software. If you use firefox use the DownloadThemAll firefox Addon.

Anangaya dot com - This site contains set of interesting sinhala mp3 songs to be downloaded. But when you click the download link, perhaps you might not directly see the download link of the songs. Its available on the page in the middle in between two google add bars. You will have to look twice to see the download link at first time.

Ananmanan dot com - Here also you can download sinhala mp3 directly for free, but only
Nearly 300 mp3 songs are available to search and download. Little bit less in numbers :(

Download dot Wiyamana dot com - This site contains a series of songs of 37 SriLankan Singers. Please have a look at them. You need to enter their code when proceeding to download songs.

Thamari dot com - This site contains set of nice old sinhala songs to be downloaded. Nice to have a look for some classical old songs. Also it has some video and movie clips to be downloaded.

Mahagedara dot com
- There is nearly 60 sinhala mp3 songs available here. You can download them out here. Worth giving a look only you need to go through 7 pages.

SL Hits dot com - Here you can listen to free srilankan sinhala audio songs by artists. But unfortunately I could not figure out a way on how to download the music or songs available in this web site.

Lankan JAMZ - You will have to register for free to download mp3 songs here. Just give a try still you could not find what you are looking for. Nearly 300 mp3 songs available in this web site.

SriLankan Zone - This site contains few songs on artists, Athma Liyanage, Chamara Weerasinghe, H.R. Jothipala, Chandana Liyanarachchi, Henry Kaldera and Gunadasa Kapuge.

Rasika one Narod dot Ru - Here also you can download a list of nice mp3 songs by artist. Worth Looking at that also.

Soft gull dot com
music / swf - Here is two links I have accidently found, you can access the files they use at their site directly with these links. With SWF link you can download some nice sinhala songs in swf format. With MUSIC link you can directly download some mp3 songs, but not properly organized. There are exactly 300 mp3 songs. Just like accessing a directory on your computer. Not well organized.

Madura Download - Here you can have a list of mp3 files uploaded to the site, you can directly download them from here. Nearly 40 sound classic mp3 songs available here.

Webwahini Downloads - This site contain a list of sinhala mp3 songs of various artist. Please check out this one as well.